Artificial intelligence

The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence

Santiago March 2021. A few days ago the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (USA) delivered its final report, the first surprise was to establish that “the United States is not prepared or competent in the area of artificial intelligence.” That there would be a set of dilemmas that would directly influence the development of countries, their security and human development. These points seem distant for our reality and much more distant for companies and their collaborators.

The power that Artificial Intelligence will deliver will not only allow processes to be automated, improve customer knowledge, but will also generate countless improvements in the area of Information Security and Cybersecurity. These aspects seem to be approaching at a speed that does not allow them to be understood or adapted to the processes of each organization.

Is it worth investing resources in Artificial intelligence?

Will it increase or decrease our sense of security?

Organizations must train their staff and produce the necessary improvements to “support” said technology, since the idea is to be able to maximize their benefits, in favor of improvements in business management.

Are we prepared to invest resources in AI?

Another relevant point, there is a tendency to think that these technologies will be the master solution for all the risks inherent to technology, but reality has shown that it is a tool that allows greater controls, automation and learning, but that it is still just another tool. If decision makers are not aware that a master plan is required, a global and comprehensive position that allows real security and cybersecurity, it will be useless to implement AI.

Leadership is one of the points highlighted in the aforementioned report, without Managers or Directors that allow the development of these (and other) technologies, that support it and that are an authorized voice to lead these processes, it will be difficult to reach an optimum that is expected in every organization. It must be understood that this must go beyond those in charge of the technology areas and that it can be well used by all productive sectors, even those who believe that technology is only useful for certain processes.

The big bet is to ensure that institutions that have not exploited the technological benefits are not attracted by the temptation to incorporate Artificial Intelligence without even having basic programs and training for their employees on Information Security and Cybersecurity issues. Surely, organizations with little technological maturity will be an easier target for cybercriminals. The path that must be traveled is like our life, one can run, but first one must learn to walk.

By Juan Pablo López, Legal Director Fenix Consulting.

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