Digital Business

Reinventing our business model

During this last period there has been an avalanche of queries from entrepreneurs and businessmen saying that they want to enter the digital business because it is the current trend, however, this is not a style or fad, it is a radical change in the market as we knew it and therefore the entry into it must be planned much more rigorously than saying “I want to be on the Internet” or “I want to have a shopping cart”. In reality a number of service protocols essentially need to be integrated into the culture of the business before jumping to the cloud. Digital business must integrate a new culture within the organization.

The concept is simple, we must focus on the “customer” rather than the product. And here comes a whole change to the root Why do we say this? Because the vast majority of companies that produce, transform, distribute and sell have been educated towards the product, they talk about providing a good service but privilege the quality of the product and emphasize, reinforce and defend it at all events. Today the so-called “shopping experience” changes things, because I can have the best product but a lousy salesperson and that’s as far as the sale goes.

Customer experience

If we have made an assertive update of the business plan, we can realize that today’s customers are more informed, more demanding and “unfaithful”, and not only for price but also for the service surrounding their experience. Terms such as omnichannel in digital marketing flow sharply, because saying it in old English, we must access by any means offered to the product and should have the same service, this is now a topic in process. Have you ever purchased through an ecommerce portal and what it says on a social network channel is not the same as the portal? Have you ever called a call center for help and they tell you something different over the chatbox?

There are many examples of forced adjustments to the digital world. The gourmet restaurants had an excellent table service and charged high prices for this, today their products or dishes should be simpler and the key is beyond quality, because today the logistics, are we prepared to support this process? provide validated and up to date information? supporting documents, waybills, invoices, bills of lading, etc? Is stock management up to date? ecommerce costs depend essentially on logistics, do we have alternatives?

Digital Business Entry Stages

The first thing I suggest is not to “invent the wheel”, there are already platforms working and we can study them and evaluate if our internal processes work analogously. If we pass this stage, having a proven ecommerce platform and a controlled pilot plan, countless variables and events not contemplated for improvement will come out of this stage, occupying validated and standard payment methods. Generate internal training of processes and cybersecurity, this last topic is thought that it will never seriously affect us, but it is necessary to mention that it is not only damaged by theft of resources, but also critical information.

Digital Marketing

The younger brother of the commercial areas today have grown and are displacing the commercial areas. Digital marketing is THE tool of the moment. There is a whole methodology of preparation of digital content in texts, images, videos, etc. that is usually slow to assume at first, then there are the definitions of objectives of the use of these tools, through what do I want to position myself, where do I want to generate purchase intent, when do I generate loyalty, what kind of campaigns will I carry out, SEO or SEM, and so a series of terminology that we must integrate for the digital world. It may seem intense, and yes, it is, but at the same time very challenging and broad. Welcome to the new world, the digital business.

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