Fenix is hired by an international company associated with sports to carry out a market study of soccer in Chile and Uruguay.

DUBLIN and MILAN, July 19, 2023 — Brera Holdings PLC (Nasdaq: BREA) announced that it has signed an agreement for a South American Soccer market study focused on two countries of initial interest, Chile and Uruguay, as recommended by Fenix Consulting, the Company’s regional advisors. This represents Brera Holding’s first potential foray into the rich and talented South American market, home to 10 World Cup trophies, including last year’s winner Argentina and last month’s U-19 World Cup winner Uruguay.

We look forward to working closely with Fenix Consulting to complete the study. And that the Studio provides candidate teams for Brera Holdings, in the most talent-rich soccer market in the world, which will allow us to continue to execute our social impact mission in a part of the world where we feel we can make a difference.” dijo el director ejecutivo de Brera Holdings, Pierre Galoppi.

Mentions Álvaro FloresFenix Consulting’s CEO, that the opportunity to deliver background information evaluated from a standard point of view according to the traditional processes and rules of mergers and acquisitions at an international level gives a great opportunity to the world of sports, not only professional but also amateur that aspires to reach higher levels. We have seen in the press and on television in recent weeks abundant information about takeover processes in several sports institutions that generate mistrust and therefore prevent the opportunity for world-class investors. Delivering a decision making path is a huge challenge of research and suggestions that we have begun to make based on the classic patterns of any market, but incorporating the social look and community impact Sports in order to provide a means to channel our athletes to a better level.

Gonzalo SantelicesThe Sports Director of Fenix Consulting, who has more than twenty years of experience in national sports as a consultant and strategy, business and finance executive specialized in the soccer and entertainment industry, ratifies the urgent need to deliver standards that allow, as a result of our study, potential candidates to generate an alternative channel for sports growth, and not only in soccer, since we expect to evaluate new emerging disciplines in the future.

Fenix Consulting (www.fenixcyc.cl) has extensive experience in business management, corporate finance and project evaluation and analysis. Particularly in the sports industry, Fenix has experience in providing management and research services to a variety of soccer teams. It also has an established presence in the media and communications sector with a presence that extends throughout Latin America and Europe through its alliances.

Brera Holdings PLC (Nasdaq-: BREA) is focused on expanding its social impact soccer business by developing a global portfolio of emerging soccer and other sports clubs with increased opportunities to win tournament prizes, earn sponsorships and provide other professional soccer services. – and consulting services related to sports.



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