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Financial Management is a fundamental pillar because it allows us to administer and manage resources, with the objective of guaranteeing that they will be sufficient to cover expenses and that the company will continue to operate in the most profitable way possible.

Alvaro Flores Seguel - Fenix Cyc
Alvaro Flores Seguel
CEO - Founder Fenix

When local banking is not sufficient for the working capital that the business requires, one option is to obtain External or private sources for growth (Growth Capital). These sources will most likely be International and will lead to a total or partial sale of the company depending on the shareholders' objective. We can channel this process through direct contacts or through allied financial boutiques around the world generating a direct sale. Abroad, an American or Canadian IPO (reverse merger) or equity and structured financing alternatives. Each company has its own stage to grow, consolidate and eventually transform itself through its sale. Let's evaluate your case.

Companies grow or decline, often not because their model is the most successful, but because cash flow allows them to take advantage of opportunities or not.

The financial structure of a company is a formula that depends on factors such as: purchase payment terms, invoicing and collection period, the way to pay investments, the break-even point of expenses, the structure of withdrawals, payments to banks and above all the payroll, achieving a balance in this equation is the “art” of an efficient financial management that supported by a correct accounting allows anticipating the decision making process.

A healthy company requires an experienced financial vision that controls the use of resources and properly finances the business, improving its profitability and ensuring the progress of the company and its employees.

Monthly monitoring and comparative analysis allows for the detection of relevant expenditure deviations that can lead, if they become a trend, to a leakage of resources due to negligence or misuse. On the other hand, the systematic review of payments for expenses and services allows for continuous improvement and savings through visible alternatives that in historical accounting have no possibility of being generated.
Achieving a balanced and oversized bank financing structure in accordance with the business model allows us to be forewarned of a possible crisis generated by a weak economy or by a need to grow and not having the resources.
The right financing relationship between suppliers, equity and banks saves interest costs.
Through the process of selling or merging the company, the shareholders can achieve the dream of growing and obtaining A well-deserved patrimonial wealth that fulfills the expectations of years of personal and family effort.
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Our clients come from companies that are at some early stage of development.
o medium growth for training and consulting.

Those already consolidated are seeking to enter the process of studies, valuation and sale.

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