People management

People Management has to do with development, with the importance of each being for the organization, with their development, values, behaviors and their commitment to the company's mission.

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Andrea Diaz
Sales and Human Resources Director

Identifying the skills of employees, building communicative teams, establishing dynamic structures while maintaining a leadership with respect, tolerance and vision allows us to establish an organization of people rather than of employees. “The strength of a chain is measured by the weakest link.”

Today’s market demands a change of mentality. Agility plays a key role in this new model, which breaks down hierarchical structures and moves towards models centered on teamwork, each with individual resources and capabilities to make decisions. Sustainable” leaders are required to compete and win in today’s business environment.

People management is born from the correct motivation, knowledge of expectations, assignment of talents to the appropriate role, strong communication, key aspects that allow the recognition of mistakes and successes in a constructive way, as part of the learning process of the whole team.


There is nothing more effective in motivating the team than transmitting to each member the will to meet the objectives. It is about getting employees to share the vision and purpose of the company and to be aligned with the objectives, so that they strive to improve and achieve the goals as personal challenges. The idea is that our team develops a project or mission, not because they "have" to do it, but because they "want" to do it.

Each individual is subject to his or her own circumstances and characteristics, so leaders must be able to delve into the expectations and motivations of each team member to understand his or her situation and desires. People management therefore involves getting to know employees in detail. Perhaps what satisfies one employee (a promotion, for example) is not important to another (who prefers more work flexibility).

Surely there are profiles with high potential in the company, but if we do not get the role we assign to them right, we will decrease, or even destroy, their motivation. Assigning talents to jobs that best match their technical knowledge and social skills is the basis for building an optimal organizational structure.

We refer to the need for a constant flow of communication between management and employees, so that the former transmits what it wants to achieve and how; so that in turn it receives feedback from the team, allowing it to improve its strategy and increase team satisfaction.

In People Management it is essential to establish an order of priorities when setting goals, if we do not want to generate confusion or overload.

The action of a good leader is not limited to giving instructions, but must also include the assessment of the execution of these tasks by the collaborators, recognizing a job well done and fostering a work environment of shared success and personal and group satisfaction.

We will never obtain a person's full commitment if there is no relationship of mutual trust, where the collaborator feels respected and empowered by the company and, at the same time, appreciates the organization's coherence and transparency in all its actions.

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