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Tips to boost your business

Cyberday is a tremendous opportunity to enhance the image of your business as it has become one of the most anticipated days of the year for the vast majority of people, however to achieve good results it is necessary to prepare well and thus achieve fulfill what is promised, which will become a customer experience that allows to obtain a positive mental positioning at the end of the period. In order for you to be well prepared for CyberDay, we share with you tips to boost your business.

Each stage of the sale is important and must be worked on. to achieve a correct performance.

Benefits of participating in CyberDay

1. Recovering ground lost during the pandemic.
2. Through a good digital marketing strategy, increase the reach of the brand both organic and paid.
3. At the end of the period carry out analysis and studies to obtain more information from potential customers and continue to deepen the relationship with them.
4. Evaluate performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your sales platform and the entire sales process, with a customer experience model, according to your medium-term objectives.
5. Renew inventory.
6. Launch new products.
7. Test new products or innovation in current products.

Some recommendations for CyberDay:

It informs in detail the conditions and terms governing promotions, offers, contests or sweepstakes.

– Do not increase prices days before the start of CyberDay, as these practices instead of benefiting affect your image.

– It respects consumer rights, e.g., warranties.
– Informs clearly and timely the after-sales support, in case of questions, complaints or suggestions.
– Respect everything you offer and advertise.
– Implements expedited after-sales channels for communication in case of queries.

Cyberday will take place between May 30 and June 1, 2022.

– If you have an E-commerce, test the whole process beforehand in order to avoid problems during the CyberDay process, which could affect your sales. For example, configuration of prices and delivery times.
– Check your available stock.
– Monitor constantly and correct as soon as possible any inconsistencies that may appear in the development of the CyberDay.

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How to sell my company?

How to develop my company and then sell it?

Three technology entrepreneurs sold their company in the middle of the pandemic and are now listed on the American stock exchange. Álvaro Flores, CEO of Fénix Consulting and commercial manager of this alliance, tells us about this success story. How to sell my company?

Arkavia Netowrks case sold to Cerberus Sentinel

Arkavia was founded in January 2010 by David Alfaro, Camilo Garrido and Roberto Arriagada; engineers with various specializations who decided to start their own cybersecurity business, with the clear vision of a growing need for related services.
Their experience and drive has allowed them to successfully face the diverse scenarios that have arisen over time, achieving growth and becoming a reference in the market. Thanks to this development and their positioning in the market, they sold their company and are now preparing to expand in South America.

How is such a leap achieved? How to sell my company?

We talked to Álvaro Flores, CEO of Fénix Consulting. Director and business consultant, he has been dedicated for more than 20 years to organizational consulting and financial advisory services for entrepreneurs, to develop businesses, support them and accompany them in their growth process, including
the eventual sale of the same. In this case, it has been accompanying this technology company in its management committee for eight years, managing to activate the opportunity of its sale and materialize it in a joint work; on this occasion with a Chilean-American team with 1stPMG and AbderaCapital due to the technological specialization of the company.

Basic requirements to sell a company

Essentially, the creation of a culture that allows the creation of value beyond the initial enthusiasm and the natural talents of its owners; that is, the creation of an organizational structure that transforms that initial “project” into a real company with rules, guidelines, procedures and transfer of value to employees and end customers. It’s not just about selling, you have to create that intergovernmental inter no that allows the business to sustain itself despite crises and expansions.

How to achieve the connection between seller and buyer?

How to achieve a connection between seller and buyer? To achieve this, there must be relationships of trust built up over the years. It is a gradual construction, which allows to have a worldwide network of contacts that allows to establish the right channels at the right time. “This network, in our case, is international. With access to financial boutiques in the main markets where they are always looking for opportunities, not only in our country but in the region. Once interest is established after a presentation, the process is activated,” says Alvaro Flores, CEO of Fénix Consulting.

When to think about selling a company?

There are several “triggers” that activate a sale, among them, personal decisions of the owners, such as the need for a change after many years, the family’s transcendence in the organization, the simple fatigue of the partners and/or growth beyond local banking policies, among others. The latter is very common when opportunities start to grow, business is in sight and, suddenly, the classic question arises: where do we get the resources for this business?
As the company grows as an SME, it gains access to SME financing. “It’s simple, we created this armored structure with financial intelligence. However, when we begin to access new business leagues, there comes the anguish of having the capabilities and not having access to financial support; then private instruments arise and among them is the option of selling or merging the company,” says the CEO of Fénix.
Each company has its own stage to grow, consolidate and eventually transform itself through its sale. It is necessary to evaluate the stage, its maturity and build it if necessary.
Through the process of sale or merger of the company, the owners or shareholders can achieve the dream of growing and obtaining a well-deserved patrimonial wealth, which fulfills their expectations of years of personal and family effort.

Cerberus Sentinel

Arkavia Networks

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Leadership and Team Management

Leadership and Team Management. Today we find ourselves in a world where technological progress and cultural change are moving at a speed that requires the incorporation of new tools and work competencies that allow us to develop our work and achieve our objectives.

Today, when we talk about leading teams, it is not only about managing, but also about contributing from an integral point of view. This is possible by developing self-leadership and self-management, so that all the skills necessary for effective and coherent leadership can emerge.

It is for these new needs that we have developed a 100% online course, so you can develop it at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.

This course has practical and effective tools.

The Leadership and Team Management course is available in our online academy.

Leadership and Team Management, in Fénix Academy.

In this course, you will not only learn technical tools, but also self-management tools, which are necessary to effectively lead different work teams.

In the course we will talk about the Leader Coach, the Competencies of the current leader, the importance and the reason of Self-Management, Design Thinking, Feedback and its great potential, you will also learn about the Management of difficult situations, among other multiple tools for your personal and professional development.

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The scope of the present revolution brought about by Artificial Intelligence based on Big Data and computational algorithms that self-learn and constantly improve their performance, combined with deep automation, robotics, 3D printing and the internet of things, is just beginning to be understood. On the one hand, it is feared that these new and powerful technologies could put millions of people out of work and that we might even question what is really human, since machines are proving that they can do everything much better than we can in all professions and trades where they are applied, even in art. But, on the other hand, they may open up a golden age of infinite possibilities, a new world of extraordinary abundance and solutions to most human problems, where work and money as we know it lose their meaning in the best sense of the word. Sports, and soccer in particular, are no strangers to this phenomenon and we are just beginning to glimpse the potential of what can be achieved with these cutting-edge tools, which promise to completely change the practice of this discipline in the short term.

Artificial intelligence in all areas is here to stay.

One of the little-known aspects of the German national team’s victory in the Brazil 2014 World Cup was the use of an incipient Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system from the SAP company that allowed them an exhaustive analysis impossible at that time for human capabilities, in order to improve player performances and employ optimized tactics. Marcelo Bielsa became famous, among other things, for the amount of videos he had and with which he traveled to watch and analyze thousands of soccer matches.
Currently, FIFA allows the use of mini vests for teams, with sensors that measure position, distance traveled and some parameters, such as heart rate, sprint accelerations, etc., which has made it possible to optimize physical performance, know when a player is already tired to replace him and reduce potential injuries during training and matches. It is also used to optimize nutrition and improve results when recruiting players.
But this is just the beginning… If the right algorithms are built, the possibilities are staggering, as has happened and is happening in many professions and activities today. A plausible scenario to imagine could be the following:

AI applied to soccer

A.I. makes it possible to analyze in an astonishingly short period of time all the information accumulated by the devices currently allowed and, in addition, to cross-reference it with other types of information on each player and the opposing team. And, not only sports information, but also what is on social networks, add the weather, the state of the field, the history and performance of each team, add the judges of the match and their tendencies, to finally offer the coach a strategy suggestion impossible to perform by a human being; even if allowed, a properly trained algorithm and with some sensors and cameras, could eventually replace a soccer coach in the near future, with unsurpassed real-time analysis and without favoritism for any player or emotional factors that affect people. In the case of soccer judges, their almost total replacement, on the court and in the VAR room, by an A.I. system is imminent, as happened recently in tennis tournaments, where the debut of these technologies to replace line judges was brought forward due to the pandemic, with overwhelmingly perfect results.

Similarities with chess

Making a comparison with chess, machines were able to surpass human beings as they became more intelligent, thanks to their progressively greater data processing capacity.
In chess, a machine observing a match between two opponents analyzes thousands of probabilities in a second and can predict an outcome quite accurately.
If there were sufficient data processing capacity, the same could happen in soccer, a well-designed algorithm could predict the outcome of a match. Currently, there are algorithms that read something written by a person and can deliver a complete psychological profile in a matter of seconds. Sports bookmakers are developing and training algorithms for use in outcome predictions, and processing power will no longer be limited when another, much more powerful tool, quantum computing, begins to be used.

Conclusions AI Applied to Soccer

The development of this revolution called Artificial Intelligence has implications of such depth and scope that some specialists have come to see the possibility that human beings will manage to build a sort of computational deity, which will be all-powerful, omnipresent and omniscient, which has already given rise to the birth of two new religions to worship the coming digital entity.

Beyond these curious facts, since the revolution that started this phenomenon in 2002, with a new method of applying statistical programs in baseball by Peter Brand and Billy Beane in the Oakland Athletics, the need and usefulness of adopting these technologies and making intensive use of them by soccer clubs and sports in general, in addition to having a professional in these matters to advise the coaching staff and management, has become more and more evident. Spain’s Barcelona Football Club, for example, works with data scientist Javier Fernandez and Manchester City has just hired Laurie Shaw as chief artificial intelligence scientist.

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International Alliance MM&A LATIN

Connect to the world, through trusted alliances

Welcome to the International Alliance MM&A LATIN!.

In current times it seems that saying that we are going to trade and connect with other continents is something quite obvious due to the use of the Internet and all its derivations, but certainly there is something that the digital world still does not deliver, and it is the necessary confidence to be able to choose the channels and supports that are always important to start developing any activity.
Such confidence is a natural result of looking at experience and proven achievements in a business history. That is why having a professional network that manages to deliver these benefits in any country where we have as a goal is very welcome.

International Alliance MM&A LATIN

The MM&A LATIN network to which we belong is an association of accountants, lawyers, economists, engineers and other professionals in 25 cities in 18 countries in the world with a strong Latin American group that seeks to establish trade relations between them and the most developed countries.
Among the services that can be found are accounting and administration, tax control, legal management, organizational consulting, business coaching, obtaining investment capital, audits, buying and selling companies and a pack of services such as market intelligence, investment banking, sports law and international trade in goods and services.

We serve as an official link between countries; stimulating trade, Looking for buyers or products for our clients.

Through our business model, we aim to provide a personalized and dedicated service, ensuring that we meet clients’ needs accordingly. We focus on the cultural transition from one reality to another and we emphasize respecting these cultures and customs, minimizing the disadvantages of diversity and taking advantage of its benefits. We recently started operating our office in Shanghai, China, thus giving our Asian clients full support in their efforts and investments in Latin America. We are in the process of opening operations in Miami and London. Our short-term plans also include strengthening our presence in Latin America, the United States, and growing in Southeast Asia and Turkey.

Access Link International Alliance MM&A LATIN

As an example, when a local client wishes to expand to other countries in his business plan, there are a series of concerns that arise, existing bilateral treaties, local taxation, company formation and labor systems, local legal representation mode, etc. In parallel, there is a need to study the market, find opportunities in local networks and be assisted by trusted professionals who in this case are already part of the MMALATIN network, which makes access easy and eliminates a large amount of time and resources for get to this base.

"Welcome to Connect and generate Synergies"

As a result of the expansion to the Asian market and its high presence today through the office in China and its relationship with the countries of the MMALAtin Board, a process of establishing relations with Asian companies and public institutions has begun, showing the strengths of Latin America. for them as a destination for our services and products, just as the traditional chambers of commerce of each country would do.

"We are working to do great things together"

It is also a great advantage to be able to offer back office services for these companies since the difference in language and culture is a relevant factor for both worlds and with this model it is possible to make it fluid and successful.
Every day the new way of relating will seek to have a strong digital presence that must be an instrument of human relations that can never be altered by the value aspects of loyalty, trust and responsibility, since these are really the bases of any business relationship. , cultural and emotional.

Welcome to connect.
Alvaro Flores

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Meaningful reading

Meaningful Reading in the Knowledge Age

I recently faced the need to start rereading part of my library, books that I enjoyed very much even from my youth, where it seems that they were always written anew because rereading them reveals something that I had not seen or understood. Two phenomena occur here, one that we read to a dead letter or that our inner state changes over the years and we understand through lived experience, which is the mother of instruction, generating reading with a new meaning.

How much time do you spend reading?

We have realized that, in addition, the retention and reading capacity of our social and cultural environment has also decreased and, therefore, the demands on the ecosystem that surrounds it as well, thus creating a vicious circle of people navigating in a sea of information but 1 meter deep. This being the case, we are rather “predators” of information that we cannot filter to see if we are seeing something real or fake, and this is because since we do not have references of who or who is more or less expert and less wise, we remain with which it “sounds” the most. This is how a series of characters spring up who think about everything just for having a bigger showcase on this or that social network, it is part of our reality increased by the pandemic. Influencers and opinionologists with a pretty face seduce by a few likes

Reading activates our mind!

The ability to read properly is essential to discriminate and make decisions. Thus, the challenge is to resume reading for joy and breadth of knowledge. It was then that under the aegis of a mental coach, a sophisticated but incredibly real qualification, I began to look for ways to improve my data and technique incorporation time.
In this process I discover that the last time I learned to read was around 5 years old, with the same methodology that my parents and grandparents learned, and now my children. It is strong to note that the way of teaching does not change and the need today is very different. We read dozens of emails, news, reports, posts, memes, etc. only in a social environment, add to that, those who study a series of books and papers, and if there is time left something personal….. we are as they say in the ERA OF KNOWLEDGE, leaving behind the era of the industrial world. Understanding that it is called knowledge for the innovation processes that are recycled over and over again, generating progress. Although this is not new, it was mentioned by management philosopher Peter Drucker in 1969.

An upgrade is urgent, don't you think? Retomar la Lectura con sentido.

En esta era ahora digital hablando de terabytes de información circulando y generándose todos los días seguimos leyendo como hace decenas de años atrás. Urge un upgrade no les parece?
Pues bien, otra cosa muy relevante que aprendí de mi coach es que todos los líderes vigentes y pasados han sido grandes lectores y no sólo de temas referidos a sus gustos directos, sino de un alto tema de materias globales que les permiten siempre tener una visión adelantada de los hechos.
Debemos retomar la lectura sabia, y mejorar la metodología , mejorando rendimientos y comprensión activando así aspectos cognitivos que se están haciendo invisibles para las nuevas generaciones.

Rescatemos la lectura!!

Sabían uds que puede aumentar y disfrutar de adquirir conocimientos maravillosos mejorando el entrenamiento mental en muy poco tiempo pero haciendo que su hábito se alinee con lo que su cerebro desea recibir. Es real y válido, pero debe haber una motivación de cambio.
La mía fue la necesidad de releer temas de mi gusto y profesionalmente porque recibo múltiples informes de diversas empresas que debo retener y procesar, pero también porque es importante saber DISCRIMINAR, tal como decía el sabio Krishnamurti, padre de la teosofía, el primer paso siempre será discriminar para obtener verdadera y real sabiduría.
Rescatemos la lectura!! Sólo cosas buenas surgen de una sociedad correctamente informada.

Alvaro Flores

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Whatsapp Business for SMEs

WhatsApp Business for SMEs, is a Digital tool.

In a globalized world where we can carry out exchanges online that previously took place face to face, with the possibility of generating business on a scale that was previously unimaginable, knowledge and development of a digital ecosystem is necessary. Part of this digital ecosystem today is WhatsApp Business for SMEs, a tool for entrepreneurs that is being strengthened every day.

In digital marketing, the ecosystem seeks to position and make brands known to potential users who browse various search engines and social networks. Este ecosistema considera recursos y acciones determinadas que permiten que el mensaje, de una determinada empresa logre una comunicación más efectiva, que el markeThis ecosystem considers certain resources and actions that allow the message of a certain company to achieve more effective communication than traditional marketing.ting tradicional.

Digital Marketing, through its ecosystem, seeks complementary development among the various existing tools. For this it is important not to rule out any, quite the contrary, develop them according to your type of client, what you offer and complement each other, in this way if you cannot contact your client through one channel, you can do so through another.

Why WhatsApp Business for SMEs?

Statistics say that 61% of people check updates and messages before and after getting in or out of bed and WhatsApp is the messaging application that ranks first with more than 2,000 million users in the world, for this great potential WhatsApp Business has been created as a new sales-enhancing tool, which becomes
Be part of this digital ecosystem.
The WhatsApp Business application is a platform that seeks to generate business, especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs, through the possibility of creating a commercial business profile, where you can share important information regarding your business.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business for SMEs

WhatsApp has become the most widely used instant messaging tool in the world, which is why WhatsApp business was created for businesses and this is fantastic because it gives us the option of being able to interact very directly with a potential client and as a complement to other communication tools.

– Easy to install and configure.
– Is free.
-You can create categories to classify your contacts with the labels you want.
-Possibility of sending messages to groups of up to 256 people, without having to go one by one.
-Possibility of sending messages to groups of up to 256 people, without having to go one by one.
– When you send a message, what you send is a mass message to those people, but the contacts do not see the other people to whom you have sent a message.

– You can generate auto-programmed messages: if you are contacted for the first time, the person can receive a welcome message pre-designed by you or when you receive a message after hours.
– It allows you to create a company profile visible to customers (opening hours, category, link to your website, etc.) thus providing greater security to people when contacting you through this application.
– You can send or receive proof of purchase, catalogues, video, among others.
– By having whatsapp business you avoid exposing your private life by giving your number to strangers.

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Neuroscience and Neurorights

Since Isaac Asimov published a collection of stories entitled Yo Robot in 1950, clearly ascribed to the science fiction genre, to the present day, when the ethical and legal problems of intelligent robots are the subject of discussion and debate by the Council of the European Union, it has not been that long. Technological advances, at any time, bring advantages, introducing improvements in the quality of life of people, but they can also generate risks, due to their possible impact on the known social order, risks that must be known, debated, and reduced or avoided. as far as possible. Regarding this, what about neurosciences and neurorights?

We have to address the importance of the privacy of citizens, in relation to neruscience and neurorights, to reconcile both worlds

One of the characteristics of this new technological Revolution is the enormous speed with which the changes are produced, which are not limited to a sectorial scope, but have economic, social, and cultural repercussions of a general nature. Faced with those who are always in favor of technology and accept it with uncritical fascination, or those who look at everything with suspicion, even fear, it is necessary to deepen the social, ethical and legal debate on the changes that digital transformation entails. and artificial intelligence.
The Council of the European Union presented in February 2019 the importance of guaranteeing full respect for the rights of citizens through the application of ethical guidelines for the development and use of artificial intelligence.

Neuroscience and Neurorights How to reconcile?

Thus it is worth mentioning as a concept Neuroscience as a field of science that studies the nervous system and all its aspects; such as its structure, function, ontogenetic and phylogenetic development, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology; and how its different elements interact, giving rise to the biological bases of cognition and behavior.
Neuroscience in the last decade has brought many important advances that may begin to affect the way our brains are used and shared, and that’s what we’re talking about when we talk about neurorights. Currently there are imaging techniques that allow very crudely to have a line of thoughts of a subject. That suggests that one could in principle look at the activity of the brain and predict more or less partially what things the person is thinking.
At the current rate of investigation, a person could be exposed to all of their thoughts and mental privacy being exposed to scrutiny by someone. There is a threat to mental privacy there, in terms of someone being able to know what I want and what I think, and it is not up to me whether the person knows.

How to optimize technology for the good of consumers?

Another issue that comes up when we talk about neurorights has to do with the ability that neuroscience has today to intervene in the brain. In other words, I can improve the brain, and therefore I can make brains that are more capable than others, and that can generate inequality in the population, with empowered human beings, which creates a whole ethical problem. That is also part of this discussion.
The brain-machine interface, the fact that we can connect to a robot or a machine, is another point that enters into this debate. But if the machine is wrong, whose fault is it? The computer? The programmer? My brain? There are already patients in whom interventions are performed on the brain in terms of the brain-machine interface. So this is not something that is going to happen, but something that is already happening, in a rather primitive way, but it is starting to happen. There are wheelchairs that are being controlled by the head, and patients suffering from Parkinson’s that improve through direct stimulation of the spinal cord, which also computation and brain.

Technological advances, well used, are a great opportunity for development

In 2017 Rafael Yuste, director of the Center for Neurotechnology at Columbia University and who leads the BRAIN Project (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), an American initiative that since 2013 seeks to understand the functioning of our brain’s synaptic networks, signed with 25 other leading scientists an article in Nature Magazine entitled “Four ethical priorities for neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence”.
Yuste, who has been one of the promoters in this matter, then became the spokesperson for a proposal that seeks to define neural data –based on the brain activity of each individual–, in order to be able to give them legal protection and incorporate them into the bill of human rights five inalienable neurorights: mental privacy, personal identity, free will, equal access and non-discrimination in access to neurotechnologies.

Vision in Chile, regarding neuroscience and Neurorights

In Chile, the emergence of this topic had an immediate echo in the scientific community, and through the Senate’s Future Challenges Commission, an interdisciplinary group of scientists is developing the proposal for our country to lead the first worldwide protection pilot Ethics and legal of neurodata. This, in order to set an example and demonstrate that it is possible to move forward to regulate its relationship with artificial intelligence, the ethical, biological impact, its relationship with the maintenance of the dignity of the person, and the challenges that arise given the implications of Know these signs.
Today around the world there are Artificial Intelligence policies, and in those policies guidelines are established to protect the data, but not to protect the mental right to have one’s brain read or not. This much more limited proposal seeks for Chile to be a pioneer in identifying the rights of people in relation to new technologies and the brain.

Legislating on issues of neuroscience and neurorights is necessary!

The neuroscientific community here is small, therefore it has the opportunity to discuss these things more efficiently than a community where there are thousands of scientists, with thousands of different perspectives. And considering that Chile is a fairly small country in terms of legislation, it can promote such a thing faster than other countries, and therefore has the opportunity to become a pioneer.
* Director of the Department of Neuroscience and researcher at the Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience (BNI), of the Faculty of Medicine of the U. de Chile

Chile could be the first country to protect neurorights by law, since in April 2021 the initiative was approved in the Senate, however it still must be approved in the Lower House for its full dispatch. Unanimously, the Senate Chamber approved the constitutional reform project that modifies article 19, number 1, of the Fundamental Charter “to protect mental integrity and indemnity in relation to the advancement of neurotechnologies.”

Do you consider that privacy is currently violated?

In this way, Chile is only one step away from becoming the first country in the world to include neuro-rights in its Constitution.
The initiative (together with the one for the protection of neurorights and mental integrity) born in the Challenges of the Future commission and chaired by Senator Guido Girardi, is being closely watched by the international community, especially by Spain, France, the United States and United Nations. After its approval in the Senate Chamber, Girardi stated that “this project is going to be a marker worldwide and Chile is going to be the flagship, the first pilot that is going to regulate neurorights so that these technologies are for the good of humans “.
The senator also specified that “President Piñera is going to take this project to Prosur, he has already discussed it with several Latin American leaders, as well as with the president of France (Emmanuel Macron) and other European leaders. This project unites Chile, it is the example that we can have common visions and work together on the great challenges facing the country”.

Neuroscience and neurorights, much to learn!

The constitutional reform project that modifies article 19, number 1, of the Fundamental Charter “to protect mental integrity and indemnity in relation to the advancement of neurotechnologies”, indicates that “scientific and technological development will be at the service of people and will be carried out with respect to life and physical and mental activity.The law will regulate the requirements and conditions for its use in people, and must tend especially to safeguard brain activity, as well as the information coming from it “.
In this way, it can be less than the reality mentioned in many articles from the famous Singularity University about the inevitable fusion of people to technology through AI, Cloud, Virtuality among others, it is already a concrete fact and then the ethical dilemma arises. , to ask ourselves how far is the limit of humanity, what defines us as such and from where we begin to be cyborgs. The theme of several films comes drastically into our lives, the bicentennial man in full is no longer science fiction.

AFS (Sources: U.Barcelona Bioethics Magazine, LaTercera Press)

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Neuroscience and Neurorights


Importance of Social Networks

In a globalized world thanks to technological evolution, today the possibility of making exchanges online is on an unimaginable scale, the market is not only your immediate environment, it is the whole world, as well as you can buy what you want in other countries , your product or service, can be offered in the same way, accessing new markets, cultures and having a greater reach, hence the importance of social networks.
This total connectivity has not only changed the way of buying, but much more importantly, the way of relating. Social networks today are networks of people connected 7 x 24, searching, obtaining information in a collaborative way and seeking to generate communities of mutual support. The importance of social networks goes beyond what we can visualize.

What are social networks?

Social Networks are structures formed on the Internet by people or organizations that connect based on common interests or values. Through them, relationships between individuals or companies are created quickly, without hierarchy or physical limits.

Social networks, in the virtual world, are sites and applications that operate at various levels, but always allowing the exchange of information between people and/or companies.
When we talk about social networks, what comes to mind in the first place are sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or applications like Snapchat and Instagram, typical of today, however there are a large number of social networks. You may think that social networks are all the same, but they are not. In fact, they are usually divided into different types, according to the purpose of the users when creating a profile.

Positive aspects:

The use of social networks has been absorbed by people around the world and today it is already part of the routine. This made these spaces a place where brands and companies also wanted to be to interact with their prospects and customers, bringing very positive possibilities, such as:

  • Social networks are a kind of showcase for your company; in them you can show the vision of the business.
  • It is possible to have a much more personalized and direct relationship with each client or potential client, since you can get in touch with each one, either to solve problems or to discover new needs.
  • When publishing on social networks, it is possible to segment your posts according to the characteristics of the audience, directing your efforts towards those ranges of the public that have more affinity with your solution.
  • Being able to know more about each of your clients: people share their tastes, desires and other information that can be valuable for companies when it comes to getting closer to their target audience. Keep an eye on what’s relevant to your audience to better connect with them.
  • Possibility of selling through these channels: in the same way that it is possible to interact with the public through social networks, it is also possible to use them to sell your products or services, mainly if you approach that audience that already has a relationship with you.

If you are not on social networks, your business does not exist

  • Possibility of diffusion for companies with a low budget: unlike traditional media, advertising on social networks has a lower cost, in addition to the advantage that it is much easier to measure the results;
  • Information in real time: social networks allow the communication of urgent messages from the brand in an official channel. This is very important in the case of managing a crisis, for example, in which it is necessary for the brand to position itself quickly, thus preventing it from taking on larger proportions.

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Technological Responsibility

Technological Social Responsibility of Companies.

Every day the need for companies to start investing in a more conscious and standardized way in aspects of information security and cybersecurity increases. But we have not touched on a point that may be of greater importance in the face of the companies’ clients and internal collaborators. What value does it have for you that companies consider all the necessary options in order to protect the information that you have provided and to be able to access it with confidence to their platforms? Here comes the importance of Technological Responsibility.

The reality indicates that users make decisions to share their personal information, taking into account the trust that a website gives them, it does so, from a simple perception that is directly influenced by colors or the information provided, but not by referring parameters. to the security of the data provided to them. But, what would happen if, beyond the functions of the marketing and sales areas, organizations were more aware of their corporate social work? Here a window opens so that organizations can generate a competitive advantage with their peers and not precisely thinking of a sanction or fine, on the contrary, as has happened with paradigm shifts in other business areas, the security of the Information and cybersecurity must be taken from a global perspective.

How many companies do you know that generate plans

training for your clients?

Well, the other value of cybersecurity lies in the fact that more capable companies and organizations directly affect the amount and level of risks they will have to face. Well surely today the answer may be closer to spending than investment. Well surely today the answer may be closer to spending than investment. But at the beginning of the 1990s, organizations believed that concern for the environment (and the active contribution to its improvement) was also concern. Perhaps, today -in consideration of the advancement of technologies- it is time to deliver more, to educate more and to generate a collaborative ecosystem that converges in an organization that is more responsible towards its clients and sporadic users.

Today is the right time for organizations to start integrating digital (or technological) social responsibility. It will be a differentiating value for those who allow and improve their policies, who generate mitigation plans and develop plans together with the community and their clients. Surely it will be thought that this will only imply expenses, but digital organizations must be responsible in terms of the information they request from their clients, but to the same extent as that which could be used without the users having a real notion of its use.

Don't you think that more worry will cause

potential clients- see your organization with better eyes?

Undoubtedly, the generation of value can also include social responsibility. From an objective point of view, there are countless needs that are not yet covered. To name a few; the digital divide that exists in the elderly, internet access in vast areas of our country, little or no digital education and why talk about education on the responsible use of digital and technological resources, including cybersecurity.

Corporate Technological Responsibility is Social Responsibility!

The invitation is for organizations to see the potential of generating transversal projects, to see the issue of information security and cybersecurity as something much broader and more important than a simple increase in the infrastructure budget. Obviously, we must start somewhere in our organization, but there is another value that will have a direct reflection on the perception that clients and collaborators have of the organization. If you have two companies that sell the same thing, that use the same technology, we could point out – without fear of being wrong – that you will choose the one that provides greater added value, in this case concern for the digital environment can be an important point considering that digitization has advanced in the last year what was projected for the next five. Task for each one of you, to see how to adapt your plans and projects so that they allow the integral development of your organizations and your clients.

As Carissa Véliz points out “Privacy is power”

“Privacy is collective, like the environment

If you don't take care of your data, others suffer the consequences

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