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Meaningful reading

Meaningful Reading in the Knowledge Age

I recently faced the need to start rereading part of my library, books that I enjoyed very much even from my youth, where it seems that they were always written anew because rereading them reveals something that I had not seen or understood. Two phenomena occur here, one that we read to a dead letter or that our inner state changes over the years and we understand through lived experience, which is the mother of instruction, generating reading with a new meaning.

How much time do you spend reading?

We have realized that, in addition, the retention and reading capacity of our social and cultural environment has also decreased and, therefore, the demands on the ecosystem that surrounds it as well, thus creating a vicious circle of people navigating in a sea of information but 1 meter deep. This being the case, we are rather “predators” of information that we cannot filter to see if we are seeing something real or fake, and this is because since we do not have references of who or who is more or less expert and less wise, we remain with which it “sounds” the most. This is how a series of characters spring up who think about everything just for having a bigger showcase on this or that social network, it is part of our reality increased by the pandemic. Influencers and opinionologists with a pretty face seduce by a few likes

Reading activates our mind!

The ability to read properly is essential to discriminate and make decisions. Thus, the challenge is to resume reading for joy and breadth of knowledge. It was then that under the aegis of a mental coach, a sophisticated but incredibly real qualification, I began to look for ways to improve my data and technique incorporation time.
In this process I discover that the last time I learned to read was around 5 years old, with the same methodology that my parents and grandparents learned, and now my children. It is strong to note that the way of teaching does not change and the need today is very different. We read dozens of emails, news, reports, posts, memes, etc. only in a social environment, add to that, those who study a series of books and papers, and if there is time left something personal….. we are as they say in the ERA OF KNOWLEDGE, leaving behind the era of the industrial world. Understanding that it is called knowledge for the innovation processes that are recycled over and over again, generating progress. Although this is not new, it was mentioned by management philosopher Peter Drucker in 1969.

An upgrade is urgent, don't you think? Retomar la Lectura con sentido.

En esta era ahora digital hablando de terabytes de información circulando y generándose todos los días seguimos leyendo como hace decenas de años atrás. Urge un upgrade no les parece?
Pues bien, otra cosa muy relevante que aprendí de mi coach es que todos los líderes vigentes y pasados han sido grandes lectores y no sólo de temas referidos a sus gustos directos, sino de un alto tema de materias globales que les permiten siempre tener una visión adelantada de los hechos.
Debemos retomar la lectura sabia, y mejorar la metodología , mejorando rendimientos y comprensión activando así aspectos cognitivos que se están haciendo invisibles para las nuevas generaciones.

Rescatemos la lectura!!

Sabían uds que puede aumentar y disfrutar de adquirir conocimientos maravillosos mejorando el entrenamiento mental en muy poco tiempo pero haciendo que su hábito se alinee con lo que su cerebro desea recibir. Es real y válido, pero debe haber una motivación de cambio.
La mía fue la necesidad de releer temas de mi gusto y profesionalmente porque recibo múltiples informes de diversas empresas que debo retener y procesar, pero también porque es importante saber DISCRIMINAR, tal como decía el sabio Krishnamurti, padre de la teosofía, el primer paso siempre será discriminar para obtener verdadera y real sabiduría.
Rescatemos la lectura!! Sólo cosas buenas surgen de una sociedad correctamente informada.

Alvaro Flores

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Whatsapp Business for SMEs

WhatsApp Business for SMEs, is a Digital tool.

In a globalized world where we can carry out exchanges online that previously took place face to face, with the possibility of generating business on a scale that was previously unimaginable, knowledge and development of a digital ecosystem is necessary. Part of this digital ecosystem today is WhatsApp Business for SMEs, a tool for entrepreneurs that is being strengthened every day.

In digital marketing, the ecosystem seeks to position and make brands known to potential users who browse various search engines and social networks. Este ecosistema considera recursos y acciones determinadas que permiten que el mensaje, de una determinada empresa logre una comunicación más efectiva, que el markeThis ecosystem considers certain resources and actions that allow the message of a certain company to achieve more effective communication than traditional marketing.ting tradicional.

Digital Marketing, through its ecosystem, seeks complementary development among the various existing tools. For this it is important not to rule out any, quite the contrary, develop them according to your type of client, what you offer and complement each other, in this way if you cannot contact your client through one channel, you can do so through another.

Why WhatsApp Business for SMEs?

Statistics say that 61% of people check updates and messages before and after getting in or out of bed and WhatsApp is the messaging application that ranks first with more than 2,000 million users in the world, for this great potential WhatsApp Business has been created as a new sales-enhancing tool, which becomes
Be part of this digital ecosystem.
The WhatsApp Business application is a platform that seeks to generate business, especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs, through the possibility of creating a commercial business profile, where you can share important information regarding your business.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business for SMEs

WhatsApp has become the most widely used instant messaging tool in the world, which is why WhatsApp business was created for businesses and this is fantastic because it gives us the option of being able to interact very directly with a potential client and as a complement to other communication tools.

– Easy to install and configure.
– Is free.
-You can create categories to classify your contacts with the labels you want.
-Possibility of sending messages to groups of up to 256 people, without having to go one by one.
-Possibility of sending messages to groups of up to 256 people, without having to go one by one.
– When you send a message, what you send is a mass message to those people, but the contacts do not see the other people to whom you have sent a message.

– You can generate auto-programmed messages: if you are contacted for the first time, the person can receive a welcome message pre-designed by you or when you receive a message after hours.
– It allows you to create a company profile visible to customers (opening hours, category, link to your website, etc.) thus providing greater security to people when contacting you through this application.
– You can send or receive proof of purchase, catalogues, video, among others.
– By having whatsapp business you avoid exposing your private life by giving your number to strangers.

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Importance of Social Networks

In a globalized world thanks to technological evolution, today the possibility of making exchanges online is on an unimaginable scale, the market is not only your immediate environment, it is the whole world, as well as you can buy what you want in other countries , your product or service, can be offered in the same way, accessing new markets, cultures and having a greater reach, hence the importance of social networks.
This total connectivity has not only changed the way of buying, but much more importantly, the way of relating. Social networks today are networks of people connected 7 x 24, searching, obtaining information in a collaborative way and seeking to generate communities of mutual support. The importance of social networks goes beyond what we can visualize.

What are social networks?

Social Networks are structures formed on the Internet by people or organizations that connect based on common interests or values. Through them, relationships between individuals or companies are created quickly, without hierarchy or physical limits.

Social networks, in the virtual world, are sites and applications that operate at various levels, but always allowing the exchange of information between people and/or companies.
When we talk about social networks, what comes to mind in the first place are sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or applications like Snapchat and Instagram, typical of today, however there are a large number of social networks. You may think that social networks are all the same, but they are not. In fact, they are usually divided into different types, according to the purpose of the users when creating a profile.

Positive aspects:

The use of social networks has been absorbed by people around the world and today it is already part of the routine. This made these spaces a place where brands and companies also wanted to be to interact with their prospects and customers, bringing very positive possibilities, such as:

  • Social networks are a kind of showcase for your company; in them you can show the vision of the business.
  • It is possible to have a much more personalized and direct relationship with each client or potential client, since you can get in touch with each one, either to solve problems or to discover new needs.
  • When publishing on social networks, it is possible to segment your posts according to the characteristics of the audience, directing your efforts towards those ranges of the public that have more affinity with your solution.
  • Being able to know more about each of your clients: people share their tastes, desires and other information that can be valuable for companies when it comes to getting closer to their target audience. Keep an eye on what’s relevant to your audience to better connect with them.
  • Possibility of selling through these channels: in the same way that it is possible to interact with the public through social networks, it is also possible to use them to sell your products or services, mainly if you approach that audience that already has a relationship with you.

If you are not on social networks, your business does not exist

  • Possibility of diffusion for companies with a low budget: unlike traditional media, advertising on social networks has a lower cost, in addition to the advantage that it is much easier to measure the results;
  • Information in real time: social networks allow the communication of urgent messages from the brand in an official channel. This is very important in the case of managing a crisis, for example, in which it is necessary for the brand to position itself quickly, thus preventing it from taking on larger proportions.

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Technological Responsibility

Technological Social Responsibility of Companies.

Every day the need for companies to start investing in a more conscious and standardized way in aspects of information security and cybersecurity increases. But we have not touched on a point that may be of greater importance in the face of the companies’ clients and internal collaborators. What value does it have for you that companies consider all the necessary options in order to protect the information that you have provided and to be able to access it with confidence to their platforms? Here comes the importance of Technological Responsibility.

The reality indicates that users make decisions to share their personal information, taking into account the trust that a website gives them, it does so, from a simple perception that is directly influenced by colors or the information provided, but not by referring parameters. to the security of the data provided to them. But, what would happen if, beyond the functions of the marketing and sales areas, organizations were more aware of their corporate social work? Here a window opens so that organizations can generate a competitive advantage with their peers and not precisely thinking of a sanction or fine, on the contrary, as has happened with paradigm shifts in other business areas, the security of the Information and cybersecurity must be taken from a global perspective.

How many companies do you know that generate plans

training for your clients?

Well, the other value of cybersecurity lies in the fact that more capable companies and organizations directly affect the amount and level of risks they will have to face. Well surely today the answer may be closer to spending than investment. Well surely today the answer may be closer to spending than investment. But at the beginning of the 1990s, organizations believed that concern for the environment (and the active contribution to its improvement) was also concern. Perhaps, today -in consideration of the advancement of technologies- it is time to deliver more, to educate more and to generate a collaborative ecosystem that converges in an organization that is more responsible towards its clients and sporadic users.

Today is the right time for organizations to start integrating digital (or technological) social responsibility. It will be a differentiating value for those who allow and improve their policies, who generate mitigation plans and develop plans together with the community and their clients. Surely it will be thought that this will only imply expenses, but digital organizations must be responsible in terms of the information they request from their clients, but to the same extent as that which could be used without the users having a real notion of its use.

Don't you think that more worry will cause

potential clients- see your organization with better eyes?

Undoubtedly, the generation of value can also include social responsibility. From an objective point of view, there are countless needs that are not yet covered. To name a few; the digital divide that exists in the elderly, internet access in vast areas of our country, little or no digital education and why talk about education on the responsible use of digital and technological resources, including cybersecurity.

Corporate Technological Responsibility is Social Responsibility!

The invitation is for organizations to see the potential of generating transversal projects, to see the issue of information security and cybersecurity as something much broader and more important than a simple increase in the infrastructure budget. Obviously, we must start somewhere in our organization, but there is another value that will have a direct reflection on the perception that clients and collaborators have of the organization. If you have two companies that sell the same thing, that use the same technology, we could point out – without fear of being wrong – that you will choose the one that provides greater added value, in this case concern for the digital environment can be an important point considering that digitization has advanced in the last year what was projected for the next five. Task for each one of you, to see how to adapt your plans and projects so that they allow the integral development of your organizations and your clients.

As Carissa Véliz points out “Privacy is power”

“Privacy is collective, like the environment

If you don't take care of your data, others suffer the consequences

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Take care of your privacy on the Internet

In digital marketing there is a constant desire to understand in detail the behavior of users on the web, seeking to measure the origin of the navigation, the navigation route, how long users stay on the web, whether or not they created an account, the searched topics etc. On the other hand, every day we use social networks to share our personal lives. In them, we have photos and videos of our day to day, our personal information, which if it gets into the wrong hands, could expose our privacy and relevant information.

All the information that we unconsciously provide through our internet browsing and publications on our networks is constantly being measured by marketing, which seeks to measure all navigation traceability and with this information carry out campaigns focused on said behavior. with the aim of ensuring that tastes, positions and ideas are in accordance with what they want to sell, it is for this reason that our information becomes relevant. Take care of your privacy on the Internet!

Take care of your privacy on the Internet, do not expose your data

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” shows the B side of companies that, by measuring the use of interactions, can focus advertising and manage tastes, political positions, ideas, etc. Nothing is accidental, everything you see on the Internet is based on your previous searches and browsing.

Some recommendations to take care of your privacy:

  • Read the terms and conditions of the cookies and networks you wish to access
  • Review the privacy settings of your profile on social networks, protecting your personal data.
  • Evaluate well the details about your personal life that you share and if it is worth doing.

They are simple actions that will save you a hard time and prevent you from suffering negative consequences.

Do not expose your life, take care of your privacy on the Internet

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"The Dilemma of Social Networks
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Innovation Source of Expansion and Growth

The importance of generating innovation learning for SMEs

One of the lessons that we can draw from the rich history of the mining industry in Chile is to understand why the excellent opportunity to develop and export mining technology has not been taken advantage of, which is obviously much more profitable than exporting the mineral. The reason is and continues to be the lack of a Culture of Innovation as a source of expansion and growth. It continues to bet that copper, as we sell it, will continue to be in demand. Everything indicates that it will be so, copper will have a strong demand, at least for a while, due to the implementation in the present decade of new industries (eg, electric cars, robotics, batteries) and the reactivation and expansion of China, a matter that it’s already happening.

Everything indicates that it will be so, copper will have a strong demand, at least for a while, due to the implementation in the present decade of new industries (eg, electric cars, robotics, batteries) and the reactivation and expansion of China, a matter that it’s already happening. The knowledge accumulated about that extraordinary fertilizer would have allowed us to develop a substitute as a country and we could have maintained and strengthened that industry that was so important for Chile.

"Innovation must be considered in the planning of SMEs, as a source of expansion and growth"

If you have been associated with an SME for a long enough time, whether as an owner, executive or worker, it is very likely that you have eternally postponed ideas for new products or solutions to resigned problems, which have occurred to you during said experience. . We know that in the majority of Chilean and Latin American SMEs this is the case, once again, due to the lack of a Culture of Innovation, thus losing new business opportunities in the form of new products, new technologies or solutions, which can be manufacture, export or license.

At Fénix we know about this and we can help you create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation will allow you to:

– Constantly detect new business opportunities
– Develop marketable innovative solutions to industry problems
– Detect your creative staff and make the most of it
– Protect and patent your creations
– Apply for public and private funds to develop innovation
– Reduce taxes through the R & D law for companies
– Quickly evaluate new projects using Artificial Intelligence
– Export taking advantage of ProChile offices around the world
– Associate with Universities for the development of more sophisticated innovation, at subsidized prices.
– Constantly participate in open innovation challenges and contests for large industries.
– Create your department, division or innovation management or subcontract it.
– Access to personnel specialized in solving problems and developing new patentable products for their field or related to it.

Innovation Source of Expansion and Growth,

It is the opportunity to generate new business and project itself over time

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Mindfulness Practices


It consists of integrating, incorporating, carrying out activities that allow the development of the ability to be in the “here and now”, thus avoiding dispersion, stress, anxiety. Full consciousness practices can change our lives!

Live fully in the present, paying attention to what is happening at this moment, and deciding how to respond to each situation. Mindfulness practices make us develop self-awareness, attention, awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

“The present moment is the only time over which we have any mastery

Why are they so important today?

They help us better manage life situations, integrating a new vision and perspective. Some of its benefits:

  • Improves anger management and impulsivity.
  • Management of stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Helps sleep better.
  • Increase active listening.
  • Mental clarity for decision making.
  • Develop the ability to spot opportunities.
  • Practice to better deal with our life situations, understanding how temporary everything is.
  • Connection with our potential improves performance, memory, concentration.
  • Raise levels of resilience.

Mind Power and Mindfulness Practices

The mind is a limitless instrument, if we use it correctly. If used incorrectly, however, it becomes very destructive. When you make friends with the present moment, you feel at home wherever you are. If you are not comfortable in the now, you will be uncomfortable wherever you go.

True intelligence acts silently. It is in the stillness where we find creativity and the solution to problems.

Find your space and time to work for your quality of life and well-being. Beyond the theory, concepts, studies, origin, live the experience of an intense moment in the here and now, as if it were your whole life.

I invite you to the full consciousness practice course:

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Annual Taxation Criteria

A simplified view of planning

As we all know, annual tax payments are always a very important milestone for any business. In recent years, the reforms applied, which are still in the process of adjustment, have resulted in a sort of “esoteric world” to the tax system, since what you knew six months ago has been altered again today, modifying the criteria for annual taxation.

The annual taxation criteria have changed. It is informally said that the “obligated” partner of any company is “don fisco” and as any partner he has to abide by strict rules and at the same time demands precise rules that must be complied with without hesitation.

The deadlines for the application of all franchises granted by law are also rigorous, so having access to up-to-date accounting equipment is more vital than ever. In any given month of the year we should know that we are already projecting the tax figure for the following year.

This seems so obvious but it is so simple to see that few companies do this planning that when the time comes to pay the annual tax they usually find themselves with big surprises of payments that could have been smoothed with the application in form and substance of those franchises granted by law, thus fully complying with the requirements of “don fisco” and improving the exposure of their own cash flow.

Tax Planning and the Annual Taxation Criteria

Tax planning is as important as commercial, logistical or financial planning for optimal resource efficiency. There are management control procedures that seek to standardize the way accounting is viewed so that it faithfully reflects the results; this is particularly important for the gross margins of each service or product.

The proper management of provisions to avoid mismatches resulting from purchases of inputs and sales of the same processed products, for example, requires a very fine control so as not to have months with low margins and other very high ones, if this happens in our country in December the effect on profits can be greatly affected.

That said, the "picture we came out with" on December 31 will be with us all year long, and it depends on prior planning whether it will be an "attractive profile" to the market.

The formal presentation of the income tax is together with the tax folder that shows the official monthly records, the documents that accompany the company as its “annual banner”, its “official ranking” with which financial entities evaluate positively or negatively the business to grant credits or not. All other documents that may be used as support are complementary, business plans, pre-balance sheets, various explanations are submitted second to the annual and monthly income forms. Hence its importance.

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Knows the variables of current team leadership and integrates practical tools.

Today we find ourselves in a world where technological progress and cultural change are moving at a speed that requires us to develop and incorporate new tools and work competencies that allow us to develop our work and achieve our objectives.

On the one hand, we are in a globalized world where we can carry out online exchanges that used to take place face-to-face, generating a scale of business that was previously unimaginable. Our market today is unlimited, there are no barriers, which allows us to access potential customers who are on the other side of the world, however competition is also greater, since the possibility is open and available to all those who integrate technology as part of their work and dissemination tools.

For a company to be able to balance all the current variables, it is necessary to have high performance teams and therefore, a leadership style in line with the current times.

The term leader is used to refer to an individual who possesses special characteristics to lead organizations, communities or countries. Within an organization it is associated with being a boss. In business circles, leaders are confused with “position” or “position” within the organization: the general manager is called the leader; the same is true of any person who has a higher position within a hierarchical structure in relation to those at a lower level of the formal hierarchy.

The search for “good bosses” involves being able to identify professionals who possess leadership attributes. This leads specialized entities to look for talents (individuals) who are tested to measure these capabilities.

Being a leader goes beyond the position or role in a company, because even if you do not have any “leadership” position, it is possible to be a leader and be an influence on the environment.

It is evident that today we are experiencing a new way of working with variables that the style of leadership within the company must consider in order to manage all the variables related to the environment, technology, intergenerational work, changing political systems, immediacy, excess of information, access to a globalized market, way of doing business, more demanding and informed citizens, and so on.

Faced with this, there is no doubt that leadership requires a rethinking, new competencies, since today’s requirements are totally different from those of a couple of years ago, even last year.

Leadership today has a different vision and it is necessary to integrate it.

Today, communication, collaborative work, self-management, emotional intelligence, technology, innovation and creativity are more relevant.

We have to incorporate a new way of doing things, which has to do with a cultural change, with vision and practice.

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Online workshop that aims to provide updated tools to achieve effective business leadership, online (virtual leadership) and/or face-to-face, in a constantly changing world. Today we need a more human leader, with a sense and a vision of life, who seeks first in himself and then in the different teams to which he belongs.

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