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Successful Virtual Sale

Learn how to have a successful virtual meeting

Environmental considerations for successful online sales.

We are in a time of change, in which it is necessary to incorporate new tools, telework is here to stay.

Given the global situation, many have had to reinvent themselves, new businesses and new ways of approaching potential customers.

What to do? How?

It is important to consider that today selling virtually (online) is a necessity, marketing products and services through a video conference and achieving a successful virtual sales meeting is something that we need to promote.

Practices for a successful virtual meeting.

Develop Online Selling Techniques!


Some considerations to achieve a successful virtual sale is the knowledge of the environment.

Sales actions must be developed as an orderly and directed plan, which allows to generate effective business.
For this it is necessary to have knowledge of the environment of the company, product or service, since this information will validate you in front of your potential client and you will be able to argue better against the sale of your product or service.
To know substitute products or services:

What are the substitute products/services to what you offer?

advantages and disadvantages between the two?

why prefer your product over the substitute product?

Are your suppliers environmentally responsible?
Do they have socially responsible policies?

– Are competitors environmentally responsible?

– Are competitors socially responsible?

– What are your products? is it a comprehensive offer? What is its capacity to respond to changes (e.g., increased demand)?

– Your comparative strengths and weaknesses.

To the extent that you have more relevant and appropriate information of the environment you will be more successful in the materialization of your sales.

Don’t stop your chances of selling, reinventing yourself is a necessity.

Boost your virtual meetings, incorporating commercial strategy!

Develops knowledge of available digital tools.

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Practices for a successful virtual meeting.

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