Take care of your privacy on the Internet

In digital marketing there is a constant desire to understand in detail the behavior of users on the web, seeking to measure the origin of the navigation, the navigation route, how long users stay on the web, whether or not they created an account, the searched topics etc. On the other hand, every day we use social networks to share our personal lives. In them, we have photos and videos of our day to day, our personal information, which if it gets into the wrong hands, could expose our privacy and relevant information.

All the information that we unconsciously provide through our internet browsing and publications on our networks is constantly being measured by marketing, which seeks to measure all navigation traceability and with this information carry out campaigns focused on said behavior. with the aim of ensuring that tastes, positions and ideas are in accordance with what they want to sell, it is for this reason that our information becomes relevant. Take care of your privacy on the Internet!

Take care of your privacy on the Internet, do not expose your data

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” shows the B side of companies that, by measuring the use of interactions, can focus advertising and manage tastes, political positions, ideas, etc. Nothing is accidental, everything you see on the Internet is based on your previous searches and browsing.

Some recommendations to take care of your privacy:

  • Read the terms and conditions of the cookies and networks you wish to access
  • Review the privacy settings of your profile on social networks, protecting your personal data.
  • Evaluate well the details about your personal life that you share and if it is worth doing.

They are simple actions that will save you a hard time and prevent you from suffering negative consequences.

Do not expose your life, take care of your privacy on the Internet

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