Knows the variables of current team leadership and integrates practical tools.

Today we find ourselves in a world where technological progress and cultural change are moving at a speed that requires us to develop and incorporate new tools and work competencies that allow us to develop our work and achieve our objectives.

On the one hand, we are in a globalized world where we can carry out online exchanges that used to take place face-to-face, generating a scale of business that was previously unimaginable. Our market today is unlimited, there are no barriers, which allows us to access potential customers who are on the other side of the world, however competition is also greater, since the possibility is open and available to all those who integrate technology as part of their work and dissemination tools.

For a company to be able to balance all the current variables, it is necessary to have high performance teams and therefore, a leadership style in line with the current times.

The term leader is used to refer to an individual who possesses special characteristics to lead organizations, communities or countries. Within an organization it is associated with being a boss. In business circles, leaders are confused with “position” or “position” within the organization: the general manager is called the leader; the same is true of any person who has a higher position within a hierarchical structure in relation to those at a lower level of the formal hierarchy.

The search for “good bosses” involves being able to identify professionals who possess leadership attributes. This leads specialized entities to look for talents (individuals) who are tested to measure these capabilities.

Being a leader goes beyond the position or role in a company, because even if you do not have any “leadership” position, it is possible to be a leader and be an influence on the environment.

It is evident that today we are experiencing a new way of working with variables that the style of leadership within the company must consider in order to manage all the variables related to the environment, technology, intergenerational work, changing political systems, immediacy, excess of information, access to a globalized market, way of doing business, more demanding and informed citizens, and so on.

Faced with this, there is no doubt that leadership requires a rethinking, new competencies, since today’s requirements are totally different from those of a couple of years ago, even last year.

Leadership today has a different vision and it is necessary to integrate it.

Today, communication, collaborative work, self-management, emotional intelligence, technology, innovation and creativity are more relevant.

We have to incorporate a new way of doing things, which has to do with a cultural change, with vision and practice.

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