Virtual Sales Support Applications


During this time, virtual sales support applications have significantly increased their offerings, availability, and features, helping us to perform more prepared work. You can use one or more, the important thing is to project to your prospect the preparation you have had, that you are not improvising and that you are a professional in what you do.

Among the recommendations, it is important to invest in a good team to make your sales online, with the aim of:

– Avoid distractions.
– That both visually and auditorily, you can project a good image.
– Effective support for your presentations.
– Microphone
– Notebook or similar.
– Environment lighting.
– Ambient noise.
– Internet compatible with the use (that the video conference is not interrupted.

Preparing the Presentation

PowerPoint has been the superstar software for many years when it comes to presentations, but there are already programs that offer more dynamic and personalized presentations. Today a program to make presentations must be intuitive, efficient, customizable and, most importantly, accessible. From small businesses to corporations, even university students, they are relying on these presentation tools to educate their audience or clientele, and better and efficiently communicate their business objectives.
In the market there are a large number of support applications for virtual sales, with and without cost

Here are two options:

Canva is a tool that has gained attraction from users. It is an easy-to-use program for creating social media images, advertisements and print layouts. It can also be used to create presentations, since it has attractive templates. The tool allows you to create a customized template of your presentation with your company logo and the colors that represent you. You can edit your presentation from anywhere: on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Learn more about Canva, click on the link:

The basic format of a Prezi presentation simulates the zoom tool. With a virtual camera you can zoom in and out of specific sections of the presentation; you can also add videos, graphics and text. It is designed to present remotely, in high resolution and with the highest quality on all devices, even without an Internet connection.

Here you can go directly to their website and learn more about the system.

If you want to learn how these systems work and other techniques to make your virtual sales, enter our online course.
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