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Our team is always ready to accompany you in the development of your business.
of your business, small or medium-sized company to optimally achieve your objectives. Our passion is to transmit practices and strategies successfully applied and tested in different areas and always based on healthy, efficient and creative teams that achieve their goals in a sustained manner.

We are a Consulting Firm
dedicated to the Management of Companies and People

We are a team with more than 25 years of experience in companies.

Without losing sight of the results, we can adapt to the reality of each company in an agile, fast and flexible manner, committing leaders and collaborators to common objectives, facilitating change and integrating sustainable criteria with values associated with commitment, transparency and respect for people and the environment.

Alvaro Flores Seguel

CEO - Founder

"The value of a company depends on the opinion of your collaborators, if they are aligned there is value, if not, you still have a project, not a company".

Alvaro is an Industrial Civil Engineer PUC with a career of 25 years, he has developed his career initially as a manager of companies in Chile and abroad, entrepreneur and founder of expert consulting firms in financing, executive management, business sales and training. He currently serves as Director of management, finance and corporate governance in several domestic and foreign companies through international BPO and M&A networks.

Andrea Diaz Ayala

Commercial and Human Resources Director

"The essence of any organization is the core values that drive it."

Andrea is a Commercial Engineer with a Diploma in Innovation and Digital Media from the Adolfo Ibáñez University. Certified as COPC coordinator, year 2010. With 15 years of multiple specializations in the areas of human resources, innovation, customer service. Experience in banking and telecommunications companies. Specialist in multichannel strategy integration, team development and change management.

Gonzalo Santelices

Sports Director

Gonzalo holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Diego Portales. He is an Executive Consultant in Strategy, Business and Finance specialized in the Soccer and Entertainment Industry. With 20 years of experience in sponsorship, digital transformation, team management, fan engagement, sports marketing and negotiation. Special emphasis on contracts with Television and Radio.

Luis Zúñiga

Director Tax & Accounting

Luis holds a degree in Public Accounting and Auditing from U. Diego Portales and a diploma in Business Management from U. de Chile. Diego Portales and a diploma in Business Management at U. de Chile, linked to the area of auditing, accounting, tax matters and consulting for over 30 years. Former General Accountant at Asfaltos Chile S.A., Assistant Manager of Administration and Finance at Calzados Guante.

Andrés Muñoz

Director Organizational Development

Certified Executive Coach, Faculty of Psychology, PUC. Master in Marketing and Commercial Management UAI. 20 years of experience as a senior executive in marketing and commercial positions in multinational healthcare companies. Business consultant and advisor. Executive Coach, specialist in the development of people and management skills. Development of work teams. Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Workshops.

Juan Pablo Lopez

Commercial Legal Director

Lawyer from U.Gabriela Mistral, Master in Business Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Postgraduate degree in Strategic Criminal Litigation at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Assistant Professor of Civil Law at Gabriela Mistral University. Successful representation of companies and individuals before ordinary courts of justice, in ordinary and special proceedings, in civil, criminal, arbitration and antitrust courts, in matters relating to civil, commercial and criminal economic and cybersecurity matters.

Ernesto Ramirez

Innovation Director

Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad de Antofagasta, former supervisor of Codelco, Entrepreneur and Businessman, Professor of Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Antofagasta, Leader and President of the Inventors Club of Chile. Consultant and Advisor on Innovation and Project Development for companies and individuals.

Our Clients

Our clients come from companies that are in some early to mid-stage of growth for Training and Consulting. Those consolidated companies are seeking to enter into studies, valuation and sales processes.

Those consolidated companies are seeking to enter into studies, valuation and sales processes.

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"Time is more valuable than money; money comes and goes, time always goes."

Alvaro Flores Seguel - Fenix Cyc
Alvaro Flores Seguel
CEO - Founder Fenix