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The Leader’s Mind

The mind of the Leader, Creating conscious organizations

The “perfect leadership” or “MSC leadership” is made up of three components: mindfulness, generosity and compassion. A common thread in company culture is that initiatives to increase productivity and engagement levels are often based on external rewards, such as free food, bonuses, or some flexibility in hours. Such rewards are positive and should be implemented; however, they are only effective in the short term. In contrast, internal motivation – feeling connected and valued, for example – manages to establish a deeper sense of commitment in workers. If we want to create truly prosperous organizations, we have to know what human beings really care about. The Leader’s mind is essential to create and maintain conscious organizations.

The Potential Project research, which included “thousands of studies and evaluations of different leaders,” identified three key leadership “mental qualities” for increasing engagement, productivity, and happiness. These three qualities are interrelated and are: full attention or mindfulness, generosity and compassion. Together, they make up the components of “perfect leadership” or “MSC leadership” (for the acronym of these three components in English: mindfulness, selflessness and compassion). Together, they make up the components of “perfect leadership” or “MSC leadership” (for the acronym of these three components in English: mindfulness, selflessness and compassion).


It is a state of mind and a practice, whose objective is to develop greater mental effectiveness to foster the development of one’s own potential – life goals and aspirations – personally and professionally. The mindfulness technique focuses on learning to manage attention and can be defined as “focusing on paying attention to the present moment with a calm, focused, and clear mind.”

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Es la combinación de humildad y servicio basada en una sólida confianza en sí mismo. It is the combination of humility and service based on solid self-confidence. Humility keeps the ego at bay; a good leader knows that nothing is achieved alone and values all the people with whom he works. Generosity strengthens the sense of team and trust.


It is the quality of having a wise positive intention towards others. It requires developing the ability to understand points of view other than your own and using that understanding to contribute to the happiness of others and help them proactively. It’s the opposite of being weak: it’s about being strong, sensitive, and honest when making decisions and giving feedback, among other leadership activities.

Una regla fundamental del liderazgo MSC es la mente del lider, ya que el líder debe aplicar estos tres elementos tanto a sí mismo como en su relación con los demás. av Effective leadership begins with self-knowledge, the control of consciousness and attention. To lead with excellence, get to know your team members well. The best leaders, in addition to knowing themselves, know the people they work with well. They establish a genuine interest in them and seek their well-being. To lead effectively in your relationship with others, the first step is to detect and analyze your own conscious and unconscious prejudices that you have about people, and replace them with an attitude that allows you to know them.

Extract from the book "The mind of the leader" by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter.-

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Virtual Sales Support Applications


During this time, virtual sales support applications have significantly increased their offerings, availability, and features, helping us to perform more prepared work. You can use one or more, the important thing is to project to your prospect the preparation you have had, that you are not improvising and that you are a professional in what you do.

Among the recommendations, it is important to invest in a good team to make your sales online, with the aim of:

– Avoid distractions.
– That both visually and auditorily, you can project a good image.
– Effective support for your presentations.
– Microphone
– Notebook or similar.
– Environment lighting.
– Ambient noise.
– Internet compatible with the use (that the video conference is not interrupted.

Preparing the Presentation

PowerPoint has been the superstar software for many years when it comes to presentations, but there are already programs that offer more dynamic and personalized presentations. Today a program to make presentations must be intuitive, efficient, customizable and, most importantly, accessible. From small businesses to corporations, even university students, they are relying on these presentation tools to educate their audience or clientele, and better and efficiently communicate their business objectives.
In the market there are a large number of support applications for virtual sales, with and without cost

Here are two options:

Canva is a tool that has gained attraction from users. It is an easy-to-use program for creating social media images, advertisements and print layouts. It can also be used to create presentations, since it has attractive templates. The tool allows you to create a customized template of your presentation with your company logo and the colors that represent you. You can edit your presentation from anywhere: on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Learn more about Canva, click on the link:

The basic format of a Prezi presentation simulates the zoom tool. With a virtual camera you can zoom in and out of specific sections of the presentation; you can also add videos, graphics and text. It is designed to present remotely, in high resolution and with the highest quality on all devices, even without an Internet connection.

Here you can go directly to their website and learn more about the system.

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Digital Business

Reinventing our business model

During this last period there has been an avalanche of queries from entrepreneurs and businessmen saying that they want to enter the digital business because it is the current trend, however, this is not a style or fad, it is a radical change in the market as we knew it and therefore the entry into it must be planned much more rigorously than saying “I want to be on the Internet” or “I want to have a shopping cart”. In reality a number of service protocols essentially need to be integrated into the culture of the business before jumping to the cloud. Digital business must integrate a new culture within the organization.

The concept is simple, we must focus on the “customer” rather than the product. And here comes a whole change to the root Why do we say this? Because the vast majority of companies that produce, transform, distribute and sell have been educated towards the product, they talk about providing a good service but privilege the quality of the product and emphasize, reinforce and defend it at all events. Today the so-called “shopping experience” changes things, because I can have the best product but a lousy salesperson and that’s as far as the sale goes.

Customer experience

If we have made an assertive update of the business plan, we can realize that today’s customers are more informed, more demanding and “unfaithful”, and not only for price but also for the service surrounding their experience. Terms such as omnichannel in digital marketing flow sharply, because saying it in old English, we must access by any means offered to the product and should have the same service, this is now a topic in process. Have you ever purchased through an ecommerce portal and what it says on a social network channel is not the same as the portal? Have you ever called a call center for help and they tell you something different over the chatbox?

There are many examples of forced adjustments to the digital world. The gourmet restaurants had an excellent table service and charged high prices for this, today their products or dishes should be simpler and the key is beyond quality, because today the logistics, are we prepared to support this process? provide validated and up to date information? supporting documents, waybills, invoices, bills of lading, etc? Is stock management up to date? ecommerce costs depend essentially on logistics, do we have alternatives?

Digital Business Entry Stages

The first thing I suggest is not to “invent the wheel”, there are already platforms working and we can study them and evaluate if our internal processes work analogously. If we pass this stage, having a proven ecommerce platform and a controlled pilot plan, countless variables and events not contemplated for improvement will come out of this stage, occupying validated and standard payment methods. Generate internal training of processes and cybersecurity, this last topic is thought that it will never seriously affect us, but it is necessary to mention that it is not only damaged by theft of resources, but also critical information.

Digital Marketing

The younger brother of the commercial areas today have grown and are displacing the commercial areas. Digital marketing is THE tool of the moment. There is a whole methodology of preparation of digital content in texts, images, videos, etc. that is usually slow to assume at first, then there are the definitions of objectives of the use of these tools, through what do I want to position myself, where do I want to generate purchase intent, when do I generate loyalty, what kind of campaigns will I carry out, SEO or SEM, and so a series of terminology that we must integrate for the digital world. It may seem intense, and yes, it is, but at the same time very challenging and broad. Welcome to the new world, the digital business.

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Business Plan

How to model our business idea

We usually hear in business meetings that we must prepare the “business plan” for the quarter, semester or year. It is heard as something known and processed, but in practice and with the dynamics of current times, this guideline or north that should guide the work of sales is often forgotten because it is elaborated in a complex way.

The business plan must be simple to review and control and totally transversal not only to the sales people, but to the whole company so that there is an integral culture towards the customer.

What elements should be included in this plan?

The most important is the determination of the real added value that the final customer receives from our services or products, what is/are the critical variable(s) that differentiate me from the competition and make what I offer attractive to the consumer?

This aspect, together with eight additional parameters, makes it very simple and easy to explain to the entire company what makes us so special.


There is a methodology that we always suggest to address this issue called Canvas as a tool for planning, analysis, study and presentation of Business Model. It was developed in 2011 by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in the book Business Model Generation, where they analyze the different types of models and which one is best to use in each case. This philosophy simplifies the business into 4 major areas: customers, supply, infrastructure and economic viability in a box with 9 divisions.

The way to fill these tables is with an open participation of the direct members and sometimes with some indirect ones that bring balance to the answers. Each person responds to what he/she believes is consulted in each table in a personal way on a sheet that is then handed to the person who directs the process and that is added to everyone’s answers. Along with this comes a dialogue of argumentation as to why each answer is thought to have merit.

Team participation enriches the vision and the construction of the Business Plan.

It is precisely this dialogue that is most valuable of all, because there are pictures that are very simple, but others in which totally opposite positions can be determined that end up answering concerns as to why certain strategies have not worked in the past. This is because the arguments that sales people make may be unexpectedly different from anything that is promulgated as a company ideal.

The clearest example of this is in the added value that we think our services or products have, here we usually hear arguments related to higher or lower price, better service, quality, response time, etc. when in practice management has sent signals in another direction.

Model Review Period

By generating these charts from which you can get some very famous ones on the internet about netflix or airbnb for example, variables have appeared that indicate that we should have more than one canvas board because there are services or products that have different characteristics and it could have happened that we have only one message for the whole portfolio. For this reason, and according to the dynamics of market rotation in which we are, it is suggested to perform this vision at least once a year to see if our value to the customer still applies or if it should be improved or adapted in form and substance.

You must first ask yourself who are your customers? It seems simple but clearly it is not, you must segment. You need to be clear about the relationship and the channels you will use with them, what will be the added value to deliver, what activities and resources you will need to deliver this value, what alliances you should count on for this and of course how much it will cost and how you will have the income. All this is a single table or chart in a simple, self-explanatory and measurable way.

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Annual Taxation Criteria

A simplified view of planning

As we all know, annual tax payments are always a very important milestone for any business. In recent years, the reforms applied, which are still in the process of adjustment, have resulted in a sort of “esoteric world” to the tax system, since what you knew six months ago has been altered again today, modifying the criteria for annual taxation.

The annual taxation criteria have changed. It is informally said that the “obligated” partner of any company is “don fisco” and as any partner he has to abide by strict rules and at the same time demands precise rules that must be complied with without hesitation.

The deadlines for the application of all franchises granted by law are also rigorous, so having access to up-to-date accounting equipment is more vital than ever. In any given month of the year we should know that we are already projecting the tax figure for the following year.

This seems so obvious but it is so simple to see that few companies do this planning that when the time comes to pay the annual tax they usually find themselves with big surprises of payments that could have been smoothed with the application in form and substance of those franchises granted by law, thus fully complying with the requirements of “don fisco” and improving the exposure of their own cash flow.

Tax Planning and the Annual Taxation Criteria

Tax planning is as important as commercial, logistical or financial planning for optimal resource efficiency. There are management control procedures that seek to standardize the way accounting is viewed so that it faithfully reflects the results; this is particularly important for the gross margins of each service or product.

The proper management of provisions to avoid mismatches resulting from purchases of inputs and sales of the same processed products, for example, requires a very fine control so as not to have months with low margins and other very high ones, if this happens in our country in December the effect on profits can be greatly affected.

That said, the "picture we came out with" on December 31 will be with us all year long, and it depends on prior planning whether it will be an "attractive profile" to the market.

The formal presentation of the income tax is together with the tax folder that shows the official monthly records, the documents that accompany the company as its “annual banner”, its “official ranking” with which financial entities evaluate positively or negatively the business to grant credits or not. All other documents that may be used as support are complementary, business plans, pre-balance sheets, various explanations are submitted second to the annual and monthly income forms. Hence its importance.

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